Surprising Foods To Curb Hunger

Trying to curb hunger can be difficult, particularly when¬†snacking¬†is so easy and¬†delicious, but there are a number of great¬†foods¬†that can help curb hunger pangs, including¬†avocados, beans,¬†oatmeal,¬†nuts,¬†meat,¬†apples¬†and¬†celery! What is Hunger? We all know what hunger feels like, that grumbling and demanding sensation in our stomach that tells us¬†our body wants to eat again. Hunger comes in […]

8 Impressive Hummus Health Benefits

Health benefits of hummus include¬†weight loss,¬†skin¬†care, and improved digestive system,¬†hearthealth, and muscular functions. It is beneficial in treating diverse medical conditions including¬†cancer,¬†diabetes,¬†anemia, and¬†inflammatory¬†disorders such as rheumatoid¬†arthritis, and¬†hypertension. What is Hummus? Hummus is an Arabic and¬†Mediterranean¬†dip or¬†spread, made from¬†chickpeas,¬†olive oil,¬†lemonjuice, sea¬†salt,¬†garlic, and tahini or sesame paste.¬†In fact, the word ‚Äėhummus‚Äô is the Arabic version of chickpeas. […]

tofu benefits

8 Amazing Tofu Benefits

Tofu is a byproduct of¬†soybeans¬†that essentially helps in maintaining¬†cardiovascular¬†health. It also boasts a wealth of different health benefits, including a lower¬†risk of cancer,¬†anemia,¬†osteoporosis, and¬†kidney diseases, as well as lower¬†cholesterol levels. It is a good source of¬†protein, eases¬†menopause¬†symptoms, and prevents¬†hair loss. What is Tofu? Tofu, also¬†known¬†as bean¬†curd, is a¬†food¬†prepared by pressing coagulated soy¬†milk¬†into flat white blocks.¬†It […]

12 Surprising Seaweed Benefits

The health benefits of seaweed include relief from¬†cancer, obesity,¬†diabetes, influenza, and radiation poisoning. It helps in improving¬†digestive health, dental health,¬†cardiovascular¬†health, and maintaining healthy¬†skin¬†and hair. It protects eyes and has anti-coagulant properties.¬†It also covers the body‚Äôs need for¬†iodine¬†and helps in¬†detoxification. What is Seaweed? Seaweed is a general nomenclature used for a¬†number¬†of species of algae and marine […]

red yeast rice benefits

Surprising Red Yeast Rice benefits

The use of red yeast¬†rice, either in culinary applications or for medical purposes, can provide a number of impressive health benefits. What is Red Yeast Rice? Red yeast rice is a form of rice that has been overgrown by a particular mold species,¬†Monascus purpureus, which happens to be red in color. In use for more […]

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