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Uses Of Coffee Essential Oil & Benefits

The benefits and uses of coffee essential oil include reducing free radical damage, improving mood, reducing fever, stimulating appetite, protecting the immune system, aiding respiratoryhealth, preventing premature aging, reducing nausea, stimulating relaxation and soothing allergic reactions, among others. There are some side effects to this powerful essential oil, including skinirritation, allergic…

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits

Some of the many benefits of evening primrose oil include its ability to soothe inflammation, strengthen the bones, promote good skin health, balance hormones, lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, optimize digestion, regulate blood sugar levels, prevent hair loss, ease pain and aid in weight loss efforts. There are a number of possible side effects associated…

Amazing Apple Tea Benefits

Drinking apple tea is a warm and soothing way to add some variety to your diet, while also benefiting from a number of its nutritional properties. What is Apple Tea? Apple tea is a unique variation of tea that includes brewing fresh apples along with regular black tea, as well as some spices….

Surprising Acorns Health Benefits

Acorns have an impressive number of health benefits, including their ability to protect the heart, boost energy, improve digestion, and regulate blood sugar levels. These nuts also help in building strong bones, growth and repair, soothing inflammation, eliminating diarrhea, and skin care. What are Acorn Nuts? Acorns, also known as oak nuts, are nuts of…

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