Surprising Foods To Curb Hunger

Trying to curb hunger can be difficult, particularly when¬†snacking¬†is so easy and¬†delicious, but there are a number of great¬†foods¬†that can help curb hunger pangs, including¬†avocados, beans,¬†oatmeal,¬†nuts,¬†meat,¬†apples¬†and¬†celery! What is Hunger? We all know what hunger feels like, that grumbling and demanding sensation in our stomach that tells us¬†our body wants to eat again. Hunger comes in […]

Surprising Mushroom Substitutes

Finding the right¬†mushroom¬†substitutes will help you complete¬†recipes¬†that call for this edible¬†fungus. A common ingredient in cooking around the world,¬†mushrooms¬†have been eaten since ancient times. While they are often grouped with¬†vegetables¬†for culinary purposes, they are actually a form of¬†fungi. Some types of mushrooms are cultivated commercially, such as portobello,¬†shiitake, crimini, and common white mushrooms. Others are […]

cornichon substitutes

5 Amazing Cornichon Substitutes

Knowing the best cornichon substitutes is important if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but significantly less time at your local market! Cornichon Substitutes These French-style¬†pickled¬†cucumbers¬†have made a comeback in recent years, but cornichon substitutes are still necessary around the kitchen in case your supply runs dry! Cornichon is 1-2 inches in […]

banana juice benefits

8 Amazing Banana Juice Benefits

Although¬†banana¬†juice may not be the most common¬†fruit¬†juice available in your local grocery store but it is the most fantastically nutritious and delicious juice that is available in some parts of the world. What is Banana Juice? Banana juice which can also easily be made at home, is derived from bananas, which¬†scientifically belong to the¬†Musa¬†genus, along […]

Apple Cider Vs Apple Juice

Many people don‚Äôt understand the difference between¬†apple¬†cider vs¬†apple juice, but there are some clear points where these two apple-based¬†drinks¬†diverge. Apple Cider vs Apple Juice Apple cider and apple juice are both made from the same¬†fruit, but that is where most of the similarities end. Process Apple cider:¬†It¬†is produced from apples but is a largely unprocessed […]

silicon benefits

8 Surprising Silicon Benefits

Silicon is known as a beautifying mineral and there are many health benefits associated with it. It not only helps strengthen connective tissues and bones but is also useful¬†in¬†skin, nail, and hair care. This element¬†also plays a vital role in the prevention of¬†atherosclerosis,¬†insomnia, and¬†tuberculosis, and aluminium toxicity. What is Silicon? Silicon (Si) is the second¬†most¬†available […]

6 Wonderful Sour Cherry Benefits & Side Effects

Sour cherry, used to make tart cherry juice, has powerful anti-cancer, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity effects due to the presence of powerful anthocyanins. While the sour cherry benefits are many, its sharp tart taste keeps people away from having it straight out of a bowl. However, this tiny, bright red seasonal fruit is used to […]

maitake mushrooms health benefits

Maitake Mushrooms Health Benefits

Maitake¬†mushrooms¬†may not be the first fungi you think to add to a dish, but this impressive mushroom has a number of powerful active ingredients and proven health benefits. What are Maitake Mushrooms Maitake mushrooms (Grifola Frondosa) are¬†found wild¬†in China, Japan, and parts of North America.¬†[1]¬†Colloquially, they are also called ‚Äėhen of the woods,‚Äô ‚Äėsheep‚Äôs head,‚Äô […]

raisins health benefits

12 Amazing Raisins Benefits

The health benefits of raisins include improving digestion, bone health, and iron levels.¬†They also help¬†treat acidosis, bloating, anemia, fever, and sexual dysfunction. They have also been known¬†for aiding in a healthy weight gain, as well as for their positive impact on eyes, teeth, and hair. What are Raisins? Raisins are obtained¬†by drying grapes, either in […]

8 Impressive Artichokes Benefits

Artichokes are a versatile food, and although some would consider them a vegetable, they are actually a variety of thistle. For nutritional purposes, they are primarily consumed due to their associated benefits of protecting against various forms of cancer, bolstering the immune system strength, lowering cholesterol, and protecting against diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart […]

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