Jaundice Treatment Symptoms And Prevention

Jaundice affects millions of people around the world each year, so it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the preventative measures, symptoms and treatment for this condition, including the use of lemon juice, turmeric, oregano, porridge, yogurt, fish and fruit juice, among others.

Prevention and Treatments for Jaundice

Jaundice characterised by high bilirubin levels can be prevented by avoiding alcohol and caffeine, losing weight, lowering stress levels, and including almonds, ginger, oregano and yogurt in your diet.

Lower Stress

One of the most deadly forces for human beings is often generated in their own mind – stress. Anxiety can flood the body with stress hormones and other compounds that can alter body metabolism, wear out organ systems, weaken the immune system and generally put your health in jeopardy. By reducing mental and physical stress, you can protect your organ systems, including the liver, making it less likely that you will contract a jaundice-causing condition.


Once you have determined that you have jaundice, it is important to regulate your diet to account for this. Gradually, your bilirubin levels will decrease, and you can start your normal diet with lighter foods, such as yogurt, which are good for gastrointestinal health and can protect the immune system by rebalancing the bacteria in your gut.

Fruit Juice

Fruit is naturally digested by the body very easily, and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Drinking fruit juice is an excellent way to access many of those nutrients without the fibrous material, which can be difficult to digest, for certain people. The vitamins and antioxidantsin fruit juice can get your immune system back to normal and help protect the liver.


Another superfood that has applicability for many different health ailments, ginger is a particularly good detoxifying agent in the body, and can help eliminate many of the toxins from the body that will put extra strain on your liver. This can prevent weakening of the organ, making it less susceptible to diseases and jaundice.


Obviously, one of the best ways to prevent jaundice is to prevent the underlying infections and conditions that can lead to this severe symptom. While some of the causes of jaundice are not diseases that can be vaccinated against, your liver will be in much better shape and will be better protected if you have gone through a proper round of vaccinations.

No Illicit Drugs

In a similar vein to alcohol consumption, drugs and other illicit substances must also be processed by the liver, and can have extreme effects on the body. While there isn’t extensive studies done on the direct links between specific drugs and liver failure, people who regularly consume drugs tend to have weaker immune systems, poor metabolisms, and are more prone to chronic illness, such as those associated with jaundice.


In terms of treatment for jaundice, the simple methods are often the best. Oregano is a simple spice with a number of healthy characteristics, including antioxidants and hepato-protective elements that can prevent your liver from being weakened or vulnerable to diseases that would lead to jaundice.


Food like rice is important, as it doesn’t require any oil to cook, and can be very filling for the body, yet easy to digest. It is also a highly energetic food, with a good nutrient to calorie ratio. Brown rice is especially preferred for reoptimizing the body and the metabolism to counter the effects and symptoms of jaundice.


Almonds are densely packed sources of protein and beneficial fats that the body needs to stay healthy. They are also readily available and delicious to eat. You should soak the almonds overnight, then grind them into a paste and eat them, to make digestion even easier.


One of the most valuable herbal remedies in the world is turmeric, which is chock full of antioxidants and valuable minerals that the body needs to strengthen the immune system and keep the metabolism running normally. This can be an effective preventative measure or treatment for jaundice, as it can help improve the underlying condition causing it.

Avoid Caffeine

Studies have directly linked excess coffee consumption to higher levels of liver conditions and liver failure, as well as the prevalence of jaundice. While caffeine can be helpful and energy-inducing in small doses, long-term coffee consumption in large doses can be harmful to gastrointestinal and liver health. Caffeine, after all, is a drug, albeit a publicly approved one.

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